The legend is making a comeback.

The legendary Elka Synthex synthesiser is making a comeback in 2015. Originally produced from 1981 to 1985, only a small number were ever made. Nevertheless, the Elka Synthex quickly became a statement of originality unlike anything the world had seen before. Its unmistakable, completely new sound drove its popularity and took it to the Synthesiser Hall of Fame.
And now we’re bringing it back.

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Elka Synthex
Elka Synthex

Eight-note polyphony. Sound like no other.

The Elka Synthex is a polyphonic synthesiser that is capable of eight-note polyphony. In order to ensure that it has the original sound, the reissued Elka Synthex comes with eight monophonic synthesiser circuits – including selected vintage components.

Completely programmable.

The Elka Synthex is completely programmable: it comes with 40 freely programmable memory banks that enable you to save sounds you’ve created. In addition, a wide array of 40 pre-sets are supplied with the instrument, making this one of the most versatile vintage synths out there.

Original parts. Handcrafted in Finland.

The reissued Elka Synthex synthesisers will be hand-built in Salo, Finland, using a combination of vintage and new components. This way we can ensure that the reissue has that signature Elka sound and user interface that Elka fans love, while making use of technological advances that improve its efficiency.

Elka Synthex

Jean Michel Jarre talks about bringing Elka Back

We caught up with Jean Michel Jarre to discuss his thoughts on the return of Elka Synthex. Jean-Michel Jarre makes the case for why we need to bring Elka Synthex back, and opens up on his deep passion for his 3 Elka Synthexes. Take a look.

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Superb playability. Beautiful design.

The Elka Synthex had an original design that stood out from anything that had come before it. This will be true of the reissue as well: the reissued Elka Synthex comes with the original user interface design, including the iconic joystick controller, ensuring that all controls are within easy reach.
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Heritage instrument. Still relevant today

The Elka Synthex is one of the most sought-after synthesisers out there. With careful sound design and innovative build, it’s a true musical instrument that’s stood the test of time. And today, it sounds as fresh as it did in 1981.

Campaign Ended.

The Elka Synthex campaign on indiegogo has now ended. We're saddened that we did not reach the funding target.

This unfortunately means that Elka Synthex will not be coming back after all. We thank everyone who contributed and supported us.
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