Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you bringing Elka back? Why not create something new?

The Elka Synthex has long been loved and missed by both musicians and enthusiasts alike. Originally produced between 1981 and 1984, its iconic eightnote polyphony sound defined a generation of music across genres, from the pure electronica of Jean–Michel Jarre, through the stadium rock of Asia and Duran Duran, to the urban funk of Stevie Wonder. In reissuing this coveted instrument, Soundion wants to provide Elka Synthex aficionados around the world with a new opportunity to own one of these timeless classics at a fair price.

This is the world’s first crowd­funding campaign to reissue a vintage instrument no longer in production.

2. How will the new Elka Synthex be manufactured?

We are ramping up a world-class production environment in Salo, Finland. This will provide all reissued Elka Synthexes with the highest possible build quality. Soundion Oy acquired all the intellectual property and assets of Generalmusic – including Elka. Along with the acquisition of the company came warehouses full of original vintage components that will be used in building the reissued Synthexes. These will be combined with newly manufactured components as required and assembled manually to give a current Elka Synthex the sound of the original.

3. Will the technical specs of the reissued ELKA Synthex differ from the original?

Stock of the original CEM3320 filter chips are available. However, before making the final decision to use any vintage parts, we must verify the parts can last another 30 years. The same logic applies for other components as well. We're working on this now and will provide updates on specific components as we go.

4. How can I follow the remake of the ELKA Synthex?

There’s a lot happening and you can follow the development of your ELKA Synthex as the story unfolds. Stay up to date on this page, and we definitely recommend following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and bits from the Soundion HQ.

5. In what countries will the ELKA Synthex be available?

Worldwide, pretty much! If you've got concerns about shipping to your country of residence, get in touch with us.

6. Are shipping costs included in the Perk price in Indiegogo?

Shipping costs are not included in the pre-order perk price, and will be charged later before we ship your Elka Synthex to you. We will inform you with delivery options closer to the delivery date. We'll do our very best to make sure you get the Elka Synthex delivered flexibly and at a good price.

7. Does the Perk price include VAT or other taxes?

The perk price does not include taxes and duties payable in your country of residence, and they will need to be paid by the contributor separately. Once we get closer to the delivery date, we'll ask you to confirm your shipping address. If you live in the EU, we will also provide instructions on how to do the VAT payments.

Outside the EU, you will have to handle the customs and taxes on your own.

8. When are you going to ship me my ELKA Synthex?

We aim to ship the first ELKA Synthex synthesisers in December 2015. Please note that the delivery date is subject to change. We will keep you updated on the schedule in our update emails.

9. If I am not happy with my new ELKA Synthex, can I return it and get my money back?

Yes, you may return the ELKA Synthex delivered to you within 14 days of receiving it. Please note that the refund return shipping, including any customs or other charges – as applicable – will be borne by the sender.

10. After the Indiegogo campaign, where will the ELKA Synthex be available?

We are currently working on the distributor network. At the moment we do not have any plans to share, but once everything is set we'll let you know.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Send us an email at lets (at) We're happy to help!

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